Dissemination plan and activities (WP502)

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The dissemination plan is a live document whose main objective is to ensure that the project results, both research outcomes and development products, are appropriately disseminated, to the appropriate target communities at appropriate times, via the appropriate methods. Following the request of the experts, the dissemination strategy in Cloud4all focuses on the results of the project. Then, the dissemination activities for each result is planned.

You will find more information about the dissemination strategy in D502.2.1. Dissemination plan and activities V1.

Report a dissemination activity

If you are planning a dissemination activity or you want to report a dissemination activity that you have performed, you should provide the following information:

  • Result of the project that will be/has been disseminated. A table with the results and outcome of Cloud4all will be maintained online (check later in this page)
  • The target audience.
  • The dissemination objective.
  • The dissemination channel.
  • The message to be conveyed.
  • The date when the activity will take/took place.
  • An estimation of the cost.
  • Success criteria that indicate whether the action has fulfilled its objective or not.
  • In case the activity has been already performed, indicate if the success criteria have been met.

You can report the activity in two ways: filling the collaborative spreadsheet or sending the information directly to the dissemination responsible.

The collaborative spreadsheet has two tabs: ACTIVITIES PLANNED and ACTIVITIES PERFORMED. Once a partner reports a planned activity in the ACTIVITIES PLANNED, the dissemination manager will create a copy in the ACTIVITIES PERFORMED. Once the activity has been performed, the partner who has performed the activity should complete the fields 'Impact of activity (have success criteria been met?)' and 'Attachments' (columns S and T) 

Report a dissemination activity

If you prefer to report the activity offline, you can send a message with the information described in the bullets above to dissemination@cloud4all.info

You will find more information about the dissemination strategy of Cloud4all and further instructions to report the activities in Deliverable 502.1.1. Dissemination plan and activities

Collaborative dissemination documents 

Cloud4all results

WP leaders have to review and update the results that will be obtained within their WPs in the near future. A collaborative table with Cloud4all results is available in:

Add or see project results

Target Audience groups

  • ATG1. Industry organisations and service providers
  • ATG2. Scientific Community
  • ATG3. End-user groups and their Associations
  • ATG4. Public and Private Insurance Organizations and other Governmental bodies
  • ATG5. Policy Maker
  • ATG6. General Public/Public
  • ATG7. Standards Forum and Open Source Forum
  • ATG8. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
  • ATG9. Network of external collaborators


Journals and conferences of interest

Each 6 months, all WP leaders should provide information about journals, conferences or events with deadline in the following semester. You can send the information to the dissemination manager or input the information in the collaborative documents available online.

List of workshops and conferences

List of journals

Dissemination material