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A probability is a value in the range [0; 1]. The default value is 1

Status: open


The range of the probability should be 0 to 1 with the default being 1. Note that this is a floating point number.

Note: the rationale for adding probabilities to preferences is discussed in Discussion point 13.


We might have actual user settings for Windows 7 and Windows XP and derived Android settings for it, but are pretty sure that they are good for the user (in a statistical matchmaker, this could mean that many users with those two settings for windows also had this setting for their android smartphone). Yet, for the TV we are a lot less confident, as this is a brand new model and we don't have many stored settings from other users. The vendor recommendation is "small" and some users with the two windows settings accepted this "small" setting, so we will return a very low probability of correctness. The most abstract generic fontsize setting can be inferred from the others. While we are relatively sure with this one, we still can't give it a 1.0 of course.

Preference-Key Preference-Value Preference-Probability
http://gpii.org/ns/up/windows7/fontsize extra-large 1.0
http://gpii.org/ns/up/windowsXP/fontsize extra-large 1.0
http://gpii.org/ns/up/android/fontsize extra-large 0.9
http://gpii.org/ns/up/samsung/TV2000/fontsize small 0.2
http://gpii.org/ns/up/fontsize extra-large 0.7

Note that for a rule-based matchmaker, all inferred probabilities will probably be constant, like giving them 0.5 (to set them apart from values a user actually entered).

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