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Is a property value that is specific to a context aspect expressed via a condition attached to a property-value pair?

Status: Open


Many aspects of the context don't have a set of discrete values we could use to generate hierarchical keys, but are either very user specific (think of "home location") or have continuous value spaces (think of the time of the day). To solve these conflicts, we should extend the key-value pair with a condition phrase, as pictured on the Profile Conflicts page.


Preference-Key Preference-Value Preference-Condition
http://gpii.net/ns/tv/samsung/powerscreen17/fontsize extra-large value("http://gpii.org/ns/time/local-time") >= 17:00
http://gpii.net/ns/tv/samsung/powerscreen17/fontsize large value("http://gpii.org/ns/time/local-time") < 17:00

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