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What is our preferred practice for finding or adding preferences?

Status:  AGREE - but revised  so double check below 


Anyone can request a term be added to the REGISTRY.

The Maintenance Team would review and

  1. determine if this is appropriate for the REGISTRY (not spam, trash or just a misunderstanding of the REGISTRY)
  2. see if a term already exists in the COMMON REGISTRY (in which case applier is referred to it instead
  3. determine if this is a COMMON topic or an APPLICATION SPECIFIC property.
  4. if it is a valid candidate for the COMMON DIRECTORY
    1. determine if the NAME is a good one -- not too specific and not to general
    2. approve and enter it

CORE and NON-CORE are tags so changing from one to the other does not effect the URI

Changing from COMMON to APPLICATION-SPECIFIC would cause a change in URI -- so an ALIAS would have to be left behind in the COMMON that points to the APPLICATION SPECIFIC

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