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Are the user profiles themselves all flat or are they layered?

Status: Open


Are the user profiles themselves all flat -- or are they layered????

  • Some scenarios may require a more complex structure. Example: "Visual content requires text alternatives". Can be flattened by multiplying out the subject or both subject and object. "visual-content-requires: text" or "visual-content-requires-text: true". Better: "Text-alternative-for-visual-content: true".
  • Pragmatic approach, no semantic parsing required.
  • This is not meant to be exposed to the end user.
  • Goal to make this most shareable/interoperable as possible.
  • Should not have complex structures - we need simple structures that could be combined to express complex things
  • Still need to consider Semantic Web concepts if they are applicable to our case. RDF and tool support. Erlend will post some information on the Wiki. But how much of this has been accepted in the user profile area? Need to get vendor support.
  • Two sides of the coin: User preference profile = simple structure of property-value pairs; user model = can be sophisticated ontology/structure expressing relationships etc

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