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Device Reporter API


The Device Reporter is a Kettle app that provides device information (i.e. O.S. and version) as well as a list of installed solutions.

Mock implementation

Currently the Device Reporter is implemented as a mock service. This means that instead of actually detecting what's installed on the system, it reports it based on a file: Note that this file might be different if the system is run with a different configuration than the default development one.

There are two ways of changing what is reported as installed on the system. The simplest way is to modify the deviceReporter file to contain the ID's of the file you want reported as installed. Running in the default development config, the file to change in this case would be Alternatively, one can run the system with a different configuration of the device reporter, pointing to a different device reporter file. See GPII Services Configuration for more details on configuration.


The Device Reporter coordinates responses several requests, as described below. For more information on the request handling, see the page for the particular request handler.

Device Get

Description Retrieve information about current device, installed solutions
Request type GET
Request format <url to device reporter>/device
Handled by Device Get Request Handler