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  1.  Ideas regarding (short-term) improvements of the GPII wiki "DeveloperSpace" subpages
    1. restructure list of components according to responsibilities
      1.  main list should contain the building blocks mentioned in the P4ALL DoW (with responsible P4All WP202 partners)
      2. create subpages for the additional /3rd-party / nice-to-have- components
    2. ensure that all (must-have) component descriptions follow a common structure
      1. apply criteria elaborated in the WP202 meetings and shown in the template (contact partners who need to catch up) see: Developer_Space_Components_Template_Description
      2. elaborate and integrate missing criteria for reasonable testing procedures and quality management as discussed with Gianna Tsakou, Nikos Papastamatio and Michael Vassiliades during P4All WP202/203 meeting 25/09/2014
    3. include current information and documents
      1. outcome of personas workshop
      2. regarding the DSpace Mockup (status, technologies, next steps, sharing of workload)
      3. reference documents and outcomes of the "P4ALL SP2 Tools & Building Blocks" -questionnaire

  1. Ideas regarding (mid-term) improvements of the main GPII Wiki pages
    1. structure and clarity
      1. WP-references: project-labels for all tasks, so that work packages of P4ALL and workpackages of C4ALL can be clearly identified
      2. collections of external links and resources and nice-to-have ideas (not direclty addressed in project goals) should be clearly marked
    2. improve structure and overview of main entry page
      1. harmonization of the menu entries of left sidebar and Wiki Main Page
      2. rework the structure of sidebar (remove obsolete / regroup associated entries)
      3. shrink down the links on entry page, remove redundant links (this quite confusing, especially for newcomers)
      4. Improve Layout / harmonize font size and link styles
    3. Improve "Getting Started" Page and setup guidelines for different operating systems
      1. add a summary of real use-cases and applications which are supported so far
      2. cluster infos referring to setup and use of architectural components (e.g. move "service configuration" from Developer Space to Architecture / Setup, etc.)
      3. advertise more prominent, update and restructure the infos
      4. Assign responsible persons for the "gardening" of wiki-subcategories (or larger individual pages)