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About Resources on the Developer Space

See also Developers Space

The Goal of the developer space is to create a central point for finding resource information and people to assist in creating more accessible:  

  • content
  • tools
  • applications
  • features

One important area of the Developer Space will be focused on tools and resources for web developers. People increasingly rely on the web as an essential medium for working, learning, and expressing themselves. Over the past decade, web applications have become more sophisticated, supporting a level of interactivity and complexity that was previously only available on proprietary desktop platforms. The web (and its associated standards of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) has now become a viable platform for developing applications that can work across a variety of operating systems and devices. No longer limited to just the browser, web technologies are also now used to develop sophisticated mobile and desktop applications as well.

The Developer Space will provide web designers and developers with pointers to a variety of accessible and flexible components from across the web. These components will be enhanced to support user preferences and personalization out of the box, requiring less effort on the part of developers to make their applications compatible with the GPII.

As part of this work, Infusion and other tools will continue to grow to support model-based and visual programming environments that will help close the gap between developers and end-users, providing a means for users to influence and participate within the design, development and testing process more actively.

For specific components refer to Developer Space/Components