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{Info: This pages constitutes a template for creating component descriptions. We have created Personas for relevant target audiences.

Use edit to copy this template and remove/replace the stuff in single {}-brackets }

{Component Name}

Put an executive summary here : This documentation should not replace existing documentation, but be a first entry point. Elaborate on the DoW by being very concrete about the existing things (don't worry about 1:1 matching with the DoW at this point)

Do the summary in a multi-layer way, that can address diverse audience. Clearly imagine your audience: e.g. a Open Source Programmer with Computer Science, who works for a small NGO with considerable knowledge in c#, Ruby, ..., but expect also someone with few programming skills that wants to spend her private time to create some AT for someone they know if appropriate. Don't assume prior knowledge and use very simple English at least for the first paragraph.

Try to convince people to pick-up your component or contact you.

Keywords: {some_keywords that ppl might search for}
Technologies: {Platforms,Libraries,Programming Languages used/required/supported}
License: {The software Licences}
FurtherInfo: {External Homepage or repository of the project}, Contact {a link or mail address}

NOTE: If you find this component useful or want to comment leave a short message on the discussion page of this component

[[Category:{One of the subcategories of Category:Developer Space/Components e.g. "Computer Vision"} Components]][[Category:Developer Space/Components from {the gpii project that develops this component}]]

{Put more detail below}

Target Audience(s)

Who the tool/part is intended for

this can be types of developers and potential end users that might benefit (e.g. this can add voice control to a product allowing hands free use -- or faster use by people with visual impairments.)

Potential Applications

Describe/link existing or potential use cases.


More details on above

 1. On what platforms does it run?
 2. In what programming language is it implemented?
 3. What dependencies does it have on third-party libraries, frameworks, or development tools?
 4. Does it have a user interface?
 5. What other technologies, tools, libraries, or applications is it designed to integrate with, and how?

Licence Information

More detail on above Clearly state the licences of your BB and the used run-time components.

Status, Known Issues & Planned Work

Also use the discussion page

Further Resources



Related/Alternative Tools

including commerical

Getting Involved

Bugtracking, Forums, Mailing Lists.

Code Repository

Link to github, svn repo, forge or the like.