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GPII Developer Space Component Listing

This page contains the GPII Developer Space Component Listing which collects components for the upcoming Developer Space repository. The repository is currenty under construction will allow structured search in a compehensive list of building blocks for Assistive Technology development and implementation.

The components listed on this page fulfil some requirements for documentation and categorisation, see here: Developer Space/Components/Template Description. If you want to add a component to the list, please create a wiki page using this template.

If you just want to leave a quick link to an interesting component for later addition, or if you are looking for the previous (unstructured) list of components please refer to the discussion page: Category_talk:Developer_Space/Components

To get involved/contribute, get a wiki account and add new stuff and/or join the mailing list for news on reusable components:

Browsing the Listing

Other/External Components listings