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The Demonstrations Working Group

The Demonstrations working group is in charge of two major types of demonstration

  1. an On-Line demonstration system that allows people to log into the demonstration site and see how CLOUD4All/GPII works
  2. setups for live demonstrations at conferences or meetings


The Demonstrations group currently uses this WIKI and ad hoc calls to carry out most of its work.

NOTE: Participation in the working group is open to all subject to the standard WORKING GROUP PARTICIPATION CRITERIA. These criteria are easy to meet and designed only to ensure that our work remains open and free and that all feel welcome to participate.

  • MEETINGS: <None Currently Scheduled>
  • MAIL LIST: None
  • WIKI: This WIKI and other WIKI pages linked to from this one
  • OTHER: Code is often kept in other repositories. These and all other resources used are linked to from this WIKI

KEY Demonstrations Wiki Working Pages

Currently Active Members in the Demonstrations Working Group

  • <Names need to be entered. Feel free to fill in yours >

People who have Contributed to the Demonstrations work