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Planned Demonstration System

Shoot a number of demo videos

These will show realistic cases of auto personalization from profile with examples including different patrons (young, old, with and without disability, with literacy) logging-in a library PC, a person using different devices such as different computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc. This will also include people who do not have disabilities or literacy problems etc -- but where the auto-configuration helps them. They will be shot in high quality in a brief but interesting manner and include both views showing the people using devices and screen video captures for a detailed view of auto personalization in action.

A first video has been created. This video demonstrates a girl with limited vision. She arrives at a train station and would like to buy her ticket from a vending machine.Because of her limited vision she cannot make out the screen clearly. She uses her RFID ring to adapt the vending machine to her needs and preferences. Here preference is B/W screen. The vending machine's screen turn immediately to B/W and she can now normally proceed with buy her ticket and catch the train. The video can be found at [1]

Demo kit

Put together demo kits which will include equipment that will be preinstalled with Cloud4All auto personalization software and be able to be shipped to the project’s stakeholders who are interested in experiencing a complete solution first hand.

Localize content centrally

Part of making applications accessible is to have all their content localized to the users native language. A central web-based resource tool will be used to insert all text material extracted from applications, translate it into a number of languages and put it back to their original applications. The tool will (to the extent possible) also be usable for aiding in localizing other project materials.

Exploration of feasibility of a user installable package

Explore whether an installation package can be created for Windows that would allow people to download it from the Cloud4all website, quickly install it on their computers (in a reversible fashion) and be able to try for themselves. Since many of those who want to try it do not have admin rights on their computer - we may have to do this as a "boot from CD" approach. This is not a promised deliverable because of all of the potential problems we see around security and licensing of OS etc. But we will explore, and implement if we find a way around them.

An initial setup file has been created. The setup works under Windows XP,Vista, 7 and 8, both 32bit and 64bit. It installs the GPII framework and required components onto the users machine. The components required are node.js and MinGW. After the installation is complete, the user can test/demo the autopersonalization by either inserting a USB stick with a token file or go type a local web address that simulates the user login/logout.

Original Demonstration System Planning

Originally, a remote desktop solution was planned as the demonstration system, but this idea was dropped due to the complexity of use and false impression it would give of the Cloud4all/GPII autopersonalization.. For the original plan, see here