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Cloud4All Components

  • Real-Time Components (core architecture): Colin Clark
  • Match Makers:*Statistical Matchmaker: Andreas Stiegler
    • Rules Based Matchmaker: Claudia Loitsch
  • Personal Control Panel (Floating Panel): Boyan Sheytanov
  • MatchMaker tools:
    • Options/Suggestions UI: Boyan Shaytanov
    • Management Options: Christophe Strobbe
  • Context Rules: Andreas Stiegler (Andres Iglesias)
  • Transformation: Colin Clark
  • N&P Set Tools: Anne-Elisabeth Kruger
  • Unified Listing: Kasper Markus
  • Repository Federation: Valerio Gower
  • Common Terms Registry: Kasper Markus
  • Common Terms Registry Viewer: Boyan Sheytanov
  • Preferences Server: Colin Clark (Kasper Markus)
  • Ontologies:
    • Needs and preferences ontology: Vassillis Koutkas
  • Solutions ontology: Kostas Votis
  • Semantic Framework and Tools: Kostas Votis

General Information

  • Management Processes: Ignacio Peniado
  • Deliverable Process: Ignacio Peinado
  • SP3 Implementations: Kasper Markus (Gianna Tsakou)
  • Wiki: Kasper Markus
  • Glossary terms (conditions, contexts, preferences, etc., etc.): Andreas Stiegler
  • DoW experts:
    • General Matchmaking: Christophe Strobbe