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Repository Layout

  • Universal represents the cross-platform portion of the system, including the Flow Manager, Preferences Server, etc.
  • Each platform we run on has a separate repository layout. Currently these include:
    • Linux
    • Windows

Code Layout

  • The Node module system uses directories called node_modules for storing and locating Node dependencies
  • A call to require("<module name>") will cause Node to try to look up the module:
    1. in the node_modules directory relative to the directory where the code is located
    2. in the parent directory of the code
    3. and upwards
  • Most of the major components in the system are located in universal/gpii/node_modules directory


  • Express is a low-level web framework used for routing URLs and creating web request/response handlers
  • Infusion is an application framework used for structuring and wiring components together declaratively