Cloud4all WP204/WP205 Meeting on 2014-06-06

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Telephone Bridge

1. To talk free using the Web click: Be sure to set AUDIO to Mic and Speaker (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.

Important Information for the Meeting

This is a meeting of WP204 and WP205 (Matchmaker) within the European Project Cloud4All. However, the minutes of the meeting will be made available to the public to allow people outside Cloud4All to follow the development of the matchmaker. If, in the meeting, you want to share confidential information that should not appear in the public minutes, you need to state so in the meeting. This is in line with the Cloud4All Consortium Agreement, section 10.


  • Andy
  • Christophe
  • Claudia
  • Manuel
  • Kasper

Situations in Pilots


Problem: Either all apps launch or none.


  • Should already be solved with the recent pilot config panel hotfix.

Problem: Many users end up in the "default settings" cluster as the snapshotter collects all data


  • Extend the Snapshotter to only snapshot those settings that a user actually changed. Easiest way: make checkboxes for apps.


Problem: Fontsize on Android


  • Hack a filter to the SMM (temporary fix for now).

Matchmakers in the third year

SMM Learning Data

Three grades of data: Real Persons, persona-generated, artificial.


  • Real Data + Noise
  • Data from other projects
  • Personas
  • Partial release of GPII to gather data
  • Volunteer to submit snapshotted settings


Solution Selection

User Feedback

Next Meetings and Topics

Previous meetings: see Matchmaker Meetings.