Cloud4all WP103 2015-07-02

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Time and date

Important Information for the Meeting

This is a meeting of WP103 within the European Project Cloud4All. However, the minutes of the meeting will be made available to the public to allow people outside Cloud4All to follow our thoughts. If, in the meeting, you want to share confidential information that should not appear in the public minutes, you need to state so in the meeting. This is in line with the Cloud4All Consortium Agreement, section 10.

Please connect to the audio using gotomeeting:

1. Please join my meeting.



  • Read previous meeting minutes and make corrections if needed
  • Availability of a noise mote for the Y4 demo script
  • triage of Pending ACTIONs
    1. <add your topic here>


best seen as source

Andres Juanma -- Kostas

Availability of a noise mote for the Y4 demo script We're studying several approaches: 1) find a "sound threshold" mote compatible with z-wave. 2) select a serial sound mote and create a z-wave router for it - this will need to wait until knowing if the BDIG expert in sensors can devote some time to c4a (he's not in c4a at the moment) - for the next meeting we will have a "small hint" about this from the expert 2.1) select a serial sound mote connected directly to the CAS through USB 3) abandon z-wave.

how-to - it's half-written - when we have a mote it will be finished ("guía de operación y mantenimiento")

  • ACTION andres to write an email to Kostas to ask help with Jena rules
  • ACTION juanma to report the expert hint next week