Cloud4all WP103 2014 02 24

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Time and date


Important Information for the Meeting

This is a meeting of WP103 within the European Project Cloud4All. However, the minutes of the meeting will be made available to the public to allow people outside Cloud4All to follow our thoughts. If, in the meeting, you want to share confidential information that should not appear in the public minutes, you need to state so in the meeting. This is in line with the Cloud4All Consortium Agreement, section 10.

Please connect to the audio using gotomeeting: Meeting ID: 705-233-502


  • Andrés Iglesias from Technosite
  • Kostas Kalogirou from CERTH-HIT
  • Guillem Serra from Barcelona Digital


  • Last meeting minutes
    • Approved
  • New trello cards, now with calendar features.
  • We didn't have the time to enter a jena rule. Pilots are pressing!
  • K will provide feedback to Nick Kaklanis directly on Thursday.
  • Lots of paralell work. Now WP103 is calm but we all think that we will have lots of stress in the future.
  • Paper finally presented in HCII.
  • We discussed the best timing for meetings. Actually the problem for G is having many other random meetings so not a timeslot is better than the others. We keep our regular time (Thu 3pmCET) just in case partners from America(the continent) want to join.