Cloud4all 3rd Pilots iteration

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User involvement

For each pilot site (according to the DoW):

  • 50 beneficiaries of various groups
    • Total blindness – braille literate & braille illiterate
    • Low vision
    • Hard of hearing & Deafness
    • Physical
    • Intellectual
    • Elder mixed vision, hearing, and cognitive
    • Deaf blind individuals
    • Low literacy
    • Dyslexia
  • 10 developers
  • 5 key stakeholders

Note: !!!!!!!!!!!!We need to have solutions that cover all user groups at the third iteration!!!!!!!!!!!

Time plan

According to the DoW

D402.2.3 - Expected for M36 (October 2014)

Pilot - M37-M44 (November 2014– June 2015)

ID403.3 - M46 (August 2015)


  • Template and introductory sections - > CERTH 27/10/2014 --> DONE
  • Participants - > TECH (Ivan) 29/10/2014
  • Lesson learned from 1st and 2nd iterations -> TECH (Nacho) 29/10/2014
  • Describe what to be tested and who will test -> CERTH/TECH 07/11/2014
  • F2F Meeting 11/11/2014 in Madrid from 14:00 to 18:00
  • Planned draft delivery date: 5th december 2014?

What will be tested

Stakeholders and end users

o   Is this simplified log in additional to the typical log in above? Will the user have the possibility to choose between typical and simplified log in? Where will this happen?

o   Security  settings in the PMT will be supported to the extent that the user can  select what applications to share preferences with. It won't be done on a  per-settings basis, or on a per-category basis.

o OR

  • Contexts and conditions

o   Only time context supported explicitly (in PMT)

o   This wireframe includes tasks where the user sets the conditions where/when the changes should be applied. There will be no automatic application of different settings when the context changes, i.e. different lightning conditions?


  • Sharing:

o   The wireframes that follow include only one set of settings that the user created in the “conditions“ tab. The user will not be able to share his/her main set of preferences? What if he/she has created multiple sets of preferences?


  • Some compact expandable view that is capable of displaying large numbers of settings

o   "My Preferences" and "All preferences"

o   When it  "all preferences"  - where some AT have over a hundred  -- and contexts will cause even some AT settings to show up for each context.

o   Wireframes??

  • Support for application specific settings à Is this actually the same with the previous one?

o   For this Grant -- it would be READ ONLY for App Specific

o   This requires the value ranges and min/max be defined for the application setting but we COULD have a read only -- that just shows what it is. (set only from app) and this would not require range and min.max but this is clearly fall back and suboptimal.  (also MM can't adjust?)

o   Wireframes??

oRecommendations (????)

§ How will this appear?

§ what will be included here?

§ Wireframes??


    • How will this appear?
  • PCP  (wireframes IDRC, development ASTEA)
    • conflict solving (not clear yet what kind of conflict will be solved. What will be the scenario)
    • dynamic settings
    • Rating system
  • SP3 solutions & Settings
  • We need to know which settings each one will have to show it to the respective disability group.
    • Is there a document with the  settings each solution support??
      • Which partner is responsible for this?
  • Each user will use at least 3 different solutions - this means that the N&Ps of each user group should be available in at least 3 solutions.
  • Setting should be updated to cover all user groups
  • Setting should be updated to cover what users asked in the previous iterations
  • How will we test the TV, the kiosk and the ticket vending machine?
  • MMs
  • RB
  • St
  • Hybrid
    • Which will be the functionalities of ALL the MMs apart from the APf
  • Functional prototype for the proposal of a new solution MMs functionality interfaced using the PMT or PCP
    • The matchmaker knows that the user needs a screen reader and that JAWS is his preferred screen reader (GPII-940)
    • the device reporter indicates that JAWS is not installed but two other screen readers are installed (NVDA and SuperNova). (GPII-413)
    • Hence, the rule-based matchmaker will start a recommendation
    • Wireframes???
  • Cloud4all identifier (icon, noise, vibration)
    • Which partner is responsible for this?


  • Federated repositories
    • Which partner is responsible for this?
    • What is the status of this?
    • Should it be included in the tests scenarios?
  • Toolbox for professional and vendor entry and maintenance of Metadata
    • Which partner is responsible for this?
    • What is the status of this?
    • Should it be included in the tests scenarios?
  • pack for developers
    • blog,
    • datasets (test users),
    • installer,
    • community tools (JIRA, wiki, IRC, mailing list, github),
    • Which partner is responsible for this?
    • What is the status of this?

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