CCCC (Controlable Crowd Caption Correction) Tool

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Controlable Crowd Caption Correction

allows members of the audience, anywhere in the world, (who have permission) to correct caption errors they see in a meeting - and all participants instantly see corrections).

Keywords: captions, crowdsourcing
Technologies: Server side: JavaScript and PHP;Connection: Polled;Client Side: JavaScript
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
FurtherInfo: [1], Contact User:X02069

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Description:The CCCC uses crowd-sourced listeners and correctors, who read a real-time transcript that is being generated either from the professional captioner or an alternative source (e.g. Google Automatic Speech Recognition)

CCCC can be accessed here:

  1. - An administrator can setup a caption "room".
  2. - A corrector can correct the captions by logging in to the room.

Default pwd is 123. (this will change soon.)

Harrington and Vanderheiden (2013) presented the CCCC at the ASSETS 2013 conference.[1] A figure from Harrington and Vanderheiden (2013) showing the demo of the CCCC is included below.

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Harrington, R. P., & Vanderheiden, G. C. (2013, October). Crowd caption correction (CCC). In Proceedings of the 15th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (p. 45). ACM.


  • Mount system on GPII server
    • This will then become an infrastructure service of GPII under Prosperity4All
  • Put all preferences into GPII compatible form
  • Incorporate some of the GPII  UI Access features into CCCC tool