CAC Meeting On 2013 02 16 16:00 CET

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  1. Organization of Cloud4all's 1st International Conference
    • Reporting of the conversation with Luis Azevedo [Manuel]
      • Instructional courses are only in the weekend, possible low attendance.
      • September 18th (before AAATE) -  Pre-conference meeting. Internal work session.
      • September 19th (AAATE Day 1)
        • Morning - Special session - PAPERS
        • Afternoon - Workshop w/ Webcast
        • Evening - Implementation workshop (Hackathon) with FOOD (Pizza Hackathon)
      • September 19th - 20th
        • Booth all day
          • Have some kind of voucher in the booth that they can change in the workshop in the afternoon. The free kit will consist of C4a information, maybe a pen-drive with downloadable software, the leaflet, newsletter, etc.
      • Actions
        • [Manuel] Communicate response of organizers to CAC members. 
    • Budget analysis of the proposed conference activities (gift kit, conference fees, etc.) [Manuel, Ignacio] - Not discussed
    • Collaboration with other FP7 projects (ATIS4all, ETNA...) - Not discussed
    • Papers to be published during the special session (WIP). 
      • Deadlines: March 12th for Extended abstract (2-4 pages), June 15th for full papers (4-6+ pages)
      • Full papers are 4-6 pages, not strict on the upper limit
      • C4a overview -  Gregg  (RtF)
      • C4a Architecture  Colin? Kasper?    --> Move to AT&Cloud Computing 
      • Use Cases  <already done>    (CERTH)  (Same as implementation Overview?)
      • Context rules - Andrés (TECH)
      • Needs and preferences ontology - Vassilis (CERTH)
      • Solutions Ontology - Kostas Votis (CERTH)
      • Federation of databases - Valerio (FDCGO)
      • Matchmaking  Andy/Christophe/Gottfried/Claudia/Gerhardt   (HDM, TUD)
      • Implementations overview?  Ask Gianna -- OR -  include this in the C4A Overview 
        • or one or more specific implementations
      • Exploitation plan - Pilar Parmigiani (IESE)
      • Actions
        • [Manuel, Ignacio] Contact Cloud4all consortium and interested partners and ask for their participation (TECH)
        • [Manuel, Ignacio] Check if exploitation plan fits with the topics of the conference. 
    • Preliminary planning on dissemination activities. - Not discussed
  2. Session on 'Universal Access through AAL Environments' in HCII 2013 (Silvia UPM), Las Vegas, July 26
    • ​Confirmation of interested partners
      • HDM will present a paper on smarthouses
    • Gregg will present another paper
    • Actions
      1. ''​Gregg to provide Silvia with paper's title
  3. Results of the 1st annual review
  4. Layout of wiki (Only if time)
    • ​Actions
      • ​Kasper and Ignacio to talk and explore possibilities for changing wiki layout, present options to CAC during the next meeting.
  5. Next meeting
    • Update meeting next week Tuesday 19th, from 16:00 to 17:00