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CAC Meeting - February 5th, 2013

Agenda & Minutes

         Introduction: results of the 1st Review Meeting

  • Need to be more 'scientific'
  • Confirmation that Cloud4all's 1st International Conference will be co-located with AAATE'13
  1. Organization of Cloud4all's 1st International Conference
    • Define new success/impact indicators
      • [GV] Maintain the same numbers
      • [MO] Ask for remote participation - WEBCAST, give free stuff
      • Change the promise of 30 published papers to 10 at most in different conferences. 
      • 2 days conferences to 1 day workshop and 1 special session. 
      • Not redo the metrics on participation but in impact. 
    • Format of the participation (Instructional courses, Special Sessions, ...)
      • Webcast
      • FREE BOOTH
        • 200 kits for evidence.
    • Actions
      • [Manuel] Ask Luis Azevedo: How many people will attend the meeting? How many attended the last one? Are there 
      • Manuel and Ignacio to prepare a budget to make an estimation of the cost of the proposed ideas
      • Try to involve ATIS4all and ETNA (they are celebrating a workshop during AAATE)
      • Start dissemination actions now
  2. Session on 'Universal Access through AAL Environments' in HCII 2013 (Silvia UPM), Las Vegas, July 26
    • There's already 1 Cloud4all paper for HCII
    • Deadline CAMERA READY March 1st - version for Feburary 15.
    • C4a results that could be presented
      • 1 paper about the C4a concept
      • 1 paper about smarthouses
    • Actions
      • ​Gottfried will talk to Christophe about the possibility to write an article. 
      • [Ignacio] Ask partners if they intend to publish in the special session.
      • [Silvia] Check if the papers will be in proceedings: Yes, they will be included in the Conference Proceedings
  3. Other sessions in HCI 2013
    • One chaired by Pier Luigi Emiliani, Cloud4all will be presented
      • Actions
  4. Participation in m-Enabling Summit 2013 in Washington DC
    • Actions
      • ​Gregg and Blanca Alcanda (TECH's CEO will be there)
      • [Ignacio] Send Gregg a list of the people involved in Android development
  5. Quick round for journals, conferences and workshops
    • Springer UAIS Special Issue "3rd generation accessibility: Information and Communication Technologies towards universal access3rd generation accessibility: Information and Communication Technologies towards universal access" - New deadline 28th February (Silvia UPM) - any C4all paper?
    • Actions
      • ​We may not have results already
  6. New leaflet / Shorter newsletter - "Why Cloud?"
    • Actions
  7. Concertation - possible collaboration with Sucre Project -
    • Actions
  8. Mailing list for joint ISO-24751/C4a/GPII working group
      • Create policies, preferences.
    • Not use the bug tracker to track down the issues, better send the info by mail. 
    • Actions
      • [Kasper] ​Check if mails can be registered in the jira system. 
      • Set up the procedures first (will discussions be public, submissions) and then talk about the list.
      • We will use preferences list, and if we get dropoffs check other options.  
  9. Organizing the information in the wiki
    • Actions
  10. Other business
  11. Next meeting
    • Tuesday, February 12th, 16:00 CET