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Task Name DoW Description  Overall tool summary 

T206.2: Creation of feedforward mechanisms for directing future development efforts

Feedforward accessible mechanisms such as tools for gathering new ideas from the end-users
Users can express their opinions through a section integrated in Unified Listing about new products or new features in existing ones. These new features or products can be sent to the AoD to propose that others do them. When the task is done, a notification is sent and published directly in the section.

An accessible bid system that allows consumers to pledge funding toward the inclusion of a new feature or the development of a new product that they would like to see or support will be explored. This can both help to encourage development of such features and actually provide the funding for such development efforts where company funding or traditional third-party funding would not be available.
All users have the posibility of creating a budget in the crowfunding system developed in WP201 throught this section included in Unified Listing 

T206.3 Creation of Consumer Participatory R&D Mechanisms

Collection of consumers information to understand the context of use and consumers requirements
In order to collect user information, the survey tool and the user pannel covers this part. 

Validation and tuning of ideas with consumers at the early stages
Ideas are validated by surveying 

Evaluation, testing and improvements suggestions of prototypes (mid-stage) and product beta (latter stages) by consumers
This stage is also covered by surveys+users. The scope is something to be defined 

T206.4 Creation of Feedback and FeedPeer systems

Accessible mechanism to give consumers a meaningful and effective means for providing feedback to developers and vendors about products
All communication mechanisms developed in T206.5 in Unified Listing will be handle in a section inside it to allow users to see coments of others, send new services to AoD or create a budget for crowdfunding

The accessible mechanism(s) will also allow consumers to exchange information among themselves about accessible and/or assistive products and services
All rating and feedback will be accesible for all users of the Unified Listing