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The Architecture Working Group

The architecture working group is in charge of developing the overall architecture for the GPII and for overseeing its implementation. This includes the general architecture and defining all of the standards for communicating between the different elements of the architecture.

Useful Starting Points

To learn more about the GPII Architecture and how it works, read these pages first:


The architecture group uses a mail list, weekly meetings, and this wiki to carry out most of its work. Participation in the working group is open to all subject to the standard working group participation criteria. These criteria are easy to meet and designed only to ensure that our work remains open and free and that all feel welcome to participate.


Most of the GPII architecture work (including Cloud4All and Prosperity4All) is done asynchronously via the architecture mailing list. Anyone can join the list and participate. We meet synchronously once a week to discuss major issues, provide updates on our work, and plan our next steps:

  • Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CET / 19:00 EET / 12 Noon EST / 10 am MST

We meet on the GoTo Meeting server. Log in as a guest.

Mailing List
Source Code

The Cloud4all/GPII source code is open source and available to everyone. We use Github for all our development. See also Source Code.

Issue Tracker

Issues with the GPII architecture and codebase are managed in the GPII JIRA at

See also How to Write a Good Bug Report.


Note: We have moved away from creating "releases" and now keep version-agnostic installation instructions synchronised with the state of the code repository.

Contributing to the GPII

Demonstration Releases

Currently Active Members in the Architecture Working Group

  • Colin Clark (IDRC, Toronto, Canada)
  • Antranig Basman (Raising the Floor International, Cambridge, UK)
  • Steve Githens (Raising the Floor US, Carlsbad, CA)
  • Kasper Markus (Raising the Floor International, Copenhagen, DK)
  • Gregg Vanderheiden (RtF, Geneva and Trace Center, Madison, USA)
  • Javi Hernandez, (RtF, Brussels, BE)
  • Avtar Gill (IDRC, Toronto, Canada)
  • Joseph Scheuhammer (IDRC, Toronto, Canada)
  • Steve Lee (Open Directive, Exeter, UK)
  • Michelle D'Souza (IDRC, Toronto, Canada)
  • Tony Atkins (Raising the Floor International, Amsterdam)
  • Simon Bates (IDRC, Toronto, Canada)
  • Cindy Li (IDRC, Toronto, Canada)

GPII Committers

The full list of active GPII committers is available on the technical governance page and in our Github Organization.