April 2014 Cloud4All Design TO DO (PMT & PCP)

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Wireframes/Designs Prioritized based on Implementation Readiness:

  • login/new user signup
  • pref set sharing
  • search feature
  • contexts --> current frames in good shape - need to check in with architecture?
  • favouriting prefs / populating PCP

wireframes needing feedback


Contexts and Conditions

  • advanced-gathered.pdf pages 4, 11-13
  • existing wireframes are in good shape (i.e. applying conditions to sets)
  • need additional wireframes to demonstrate alternative concepts (e.g. applying contexts and conditions to both individual preferences as well as preference sets, conditional preferences etc)
  • pilot testing results should provide some input


  • we need support from architecture (conditions not currently in architecture)
  • need to determine final format for conditions
  • design and architecture folks need to communicate about this
  • see GPII-428

Handling Application-Specific Terms in PMT (GPII-532)

  • I know we had some wireframes that showed a bit of this... (JV: currently only through creating application specific set)
  • what, if anything, is needed from interface design?

Security, Privacy and Advanced Features (PMT)

  • click-through prototype is ready for use in pilots (JPL will send latest version)
    • only selected tasks are clickable (not all)
    • wait for pilot results to know if certain aspects are problematic

Security and Privacy

  • Barcelona digital are reworking security concept on technical side
  • not sure of timing to get updated version and whether there will be time to re-test and develop new designs
  • discuss with Colin re: what we need to do moving forward for security and privacy

Preference Set Sharing

  • main concepts are captured in existing wireframes
  • check whether sharing sets with websites/services in DoW?

User GPII Accounts

  • generally in good shape with existing wireframes for all of the following related areas


Logging In and Out

Username/password fields etc.

Launching the Tools?

Matchmaker Feedback/Recommendations

  • will be incorporating feedback from pilots
  • still lots of user input/feedback/interface design work needed here

Preference population/availability (MMs and user defined)

  • design work in good shape re: user manually poplulating/favouriting preferences in PCP

Breadth of Usable Common Terms

- MM's populating tools automatically, users populating tools manually

 ?Ingesting current device settings

  • have snapshotter currently working for pilots (GPII-257 )
    • doesn't distinguish between supported or non-supported settings
    • doesn't grab anything from ORCA, only works on Windows
    • To do after pilots:: distinguish between settings that we actually support; and enable snapshotting Orca settings on Linux.

First Use Tool

Support for Searching /  different taxonomies

  • user-defined categories through searching or other
  • searching feature and functionality has been included in multiple wireframes for both PCP and PMT - no further design work required at this time
  • advanced-gathered.pdf pages 1-3
  • will help users find prefs and possibly also create their own categories
  • can be used to "train" the MMs

Service and Resource Conflict

  • service conflict (when multiple users access the same services)
  • resource conflict (when services share limited resources simultaneously)
  • (A102.6) - DoW: identification of approaches, doesn't say anything about implementation
  • conflict resolution - multiple users using same device at same time
    • MMs need to resolve conflicting preferences in multiple preference sets
    • wireframes: login - system needs to understand that there are multiple users (e.g. User B does not get logged off when User A logs in)
    • we have covered much of this in our login wireframes
    • one area that likely needs work is in giving the user feedback re: conflict resolution is happening or outcome of conflict resolution
  • One of the technical preconditions is support for sessions (JIRA GPII-609 )
    • You can log in more than one user but only the first preference set has any effect at the moment.

Support for Selection of (or return to) “Default” Selection

  • designs to do
    • needs to be possible to select and store for each setting (ie. actively selecting “I want whatever the applications defaults might be")
    • return to default = "erasing[?]" previous selection/adjustment
    • complies with a CRUD design for each setting

GPII-241: Ensure that PCP works under Android (A302.2 - FVE -)

  • most designs we have consider mobile/responsive interfaces already
  • is the PCP an application or a website on Android? need more information on PCP functionality on Android


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