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Amara is a platform that enables the crowd-sourced creation of captions, subtitles and translations of web-based video and audio media.

Because Amara supports web-based media, it enables the creation of captions of video and audio files hosted on a number of platforms. It is an open-sourced GPLv3 licensed project and welcomes contributions by users, translators and developers.

As part of the participationn in the P4All project, the amara project code will be modularized and documented to encourage community/crowd improvement of the services. The amara subtitle editor and platform will evolve to enable lower-cost, faster captioning and translation with additional compatibility with media hosting platforms. Additionally, individuals can use the robust API provided by the service to build custom access and translation services.

Keywords: captions, subtitles, translations
Technologies: python, django, html, css, javascript, angular.js
License: GPLv3
FurtherInfo:, Contact

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Target Audience(s)

Amara is a platform for:

  • individuals who want to create captions to improve accessibility of their own media
  • individuals who need to request low-cost captions or translations for accessibility reasons
  • individuals who want to create captions or translations for the benefit of others
  • developers who would like to contribute code
  • community members who want to contribute to the code localization project

Potential Applications

  • Media producer, captions video: A video maker has created a video that is hosted on a popular hosting service that supports caption tracks. They'd like to create captions in order to make the content of their video more accessible.
  • Deaf or hard of hearing individual requires captions: A deaf or hard of hearing individual would like a particular video from a popular hosting service captioned. They submit it to the Amara captions requested team for captions.
  • A multi-lingual individual wants to donate their skills: A individual who is fluent in more than one langauge wants to help make media more globally accessible. They join the amara volunteer team and translates videos that are interesting and important.


1. Amara is a django-based web application
2. It is written in python. It uses html / css and javascript for the UI
3. The software dependencies are listed in the code repository, app requirements, Documentation requirements, testing requirements.  To run a development environment of Amara, [ docker] and [ fig] are required.
4. Amara is a web-based service, found at
5. Applications can integration with amara via the amara api

Licence Information

Amara is AGL 3.0 licensed and only uses compontants with the same or compatible licensing.

Status, Known Issues & Planned Work

Status and known issues for amara are listed on our issue tracker

Planned work for the P4All project:

  • Modularize the media transformation software platform to enable community/crowd improvement of code
  • Implement subtitle editor modifications to better support real-time collaboration for near-real time captioning
  • Update the User Interfaces to allow captioning by users and communities that primarily use phones and tablets
  • Add support for additional media types and hosting platforms including subtitle editor compatibility

Further Resources


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Amara Developer Documentation

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Getting Involved

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Code Repository

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