APCP Security meeting 2016-03-09

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  • Feedback from IBM
  • Preferences and Payloads

Feedback from IBM


  • Micro services and denial of service
  • Risk assessment framework
  • Staging and other environments
  • Role based Access Controls (RBAC)
    • Users
    • Administrators
    • Systems
      • e.g Docker daemon itself runs as root
  • Threat Modeling
    • Risk Assessment
    • Patch management for solutions in play, node.js, couchdb etc
    • Vulnerability scans
  • GPII Environments
    • DevOps
    • Stage
    • Production


  • Ale: Where I could find current progress of IBM work? - Ok, we are going to label the issues.

GPII Payloads



  • Adewale to lead work on risk assessment framework
  • Simon to add link to Cindy's https://github.com/cindyli/gpii-payloads/ to the GPII wiki Security Dashboard page
  • Sandra to continue on documenting ATs targeted for American Job Centers (based on survey list from Maureen Kaine)
  • Alejandro to continue on preferences gathering looking towards what we will cover going into the future (5 years) - my work is getting updated here https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-1586
  • Working with Maureen to collect the most we can about the AJC center that we are going to pilot soon. <- This could be an interesting input for security reasons, maybe.

Maureen Kaine-Krolak (maureen@raisingthefloor.org) <- Link between Stakeholders and Development teams for Pilots (amongst other stuff)