ANNEX C.3a: Communication with deaf users

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In case that we don’t know Sign language we call for a Sign language interpreter if it is necessary. Relevant guidelines follow for investigators not knowing Sign Language:

1.      When we communicate with a deaf person we should have eye-contact with him (her). We have to speak slowly, distinctly (not loudly) with clear lips’ movements avoiding to cover the view of the mouth.

2.      When we want to be paid attention by a deaf person we touch gentle his(her) shoulder or we wave our hand in front of them

3.      We never touch the signer’s hand when he is talking (signing).

4.      During our conversation with a deaf person it’s absolutely necessary to be at an enough lighted place. The light source shouldn’t be behind the speaker.

5.      We always inform the deaf person that we intent to leave the room.

6.      When deaf people communicate we never interrupt them by passing or standing between them.

7.      Deaf people should have their seats on the first rows, so in this way they can see maximum well.

8.      Do not turn your head while you have a talk with a deaf person, and in case you have to do it explain the reason.

9.      We have to respect the culture and the community of the deaf people.