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Registration and attendants

We have negotiated a special price for Cloud4all attendants. We will provide Cloud4all attendants with a special code (sent in private) so they can benefit from the low rate prices. The discount rates are:

  • 5 registrations: 2000 € (lunch included)
  • 10 registrations: 3500 € (lunch included)

If they are more than 10, you can calculate 350€ per person. Please note that this includes lunches and conference materials but does not include accommodation or the social event. If you have already paid for the registration, we will negotiate with the organizers the reimbursement of the difference or any other possibilities to refund your money. 

Attendants, will register to the Conference

  • Manuel Ortega (TECH) (author)
  • Andrés Iglesias (TECH) (author)
  • Ignacio Peinado (TECH) (co-author)
  • Eleni Chalkia (CERTH) (co-author)
  • Valerio Gower (FDCGO) (author) -- already registered
  • Gottfried Zimmermann (HdM) (co-author) -- already registered
  • Andy Stiegler (HdM) (co-author) -- already registered
  • Pilar Hualde (CF)
  • Ferrán Gallego (CF)
  • Dimitrios Tzovaras (CERTH)
  • Kasper Markus (RtF-I)
  • Steve Lee (OPENDIR) -- will also be juggling ATIS4ALL and Project:Possibility events
  • Vivien Melcher (FhG-IAO)

Attendants, not-registered to the Conference

  • Christophe Strobbe (HdM) (co-author); registration on 21 June failed.

Cloud4all Activities in AAATE 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

  • Cloud4all internal workshop (non-AAATE activity)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

  • Special Session: Using the cloud to enhance AT 1
    • The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure and Cloud4all (Vanderheiden, G.)
    • Managing preferences in the Cloud - Requirements and UI Design (Melcher, V., Krüger, A., & Chalkia, E)
    • A Cloud-Scale Architecture for Inclusion: Cloud4all and GPII (Clark, C; Basman, A.,  Markus, K. G., & Zenevich, Y.)
    • A Cloud-based Semantic Matching framework for ensuring a Universal Access (Votis, K., & Tzovaras, D.)
    • Federating databases of ICT-based Assistive Technology products (Gower, V., Vanderheiden, G., & Andrich, R.)
    • Improving Accessibility by Matching User Needs and Preferences (Loitsch, C., Stiegler, A., Strobbe, C., Tzovaras, D., Votis, K., Weber, G., Zimmermann, G.)
    • ClearCloud project: how to use your own assistive software everywhere (Mulfari, D.)
  • Afternoon workshop 2
  • Evening hackathon 2
  • All-day booth in the demonstrators area 1

1 Only for people registered to the conference

2 A limited number of persons non registered to the conference will have access to the afternoon workshop and evening hackathon. The names of these people have to be provided to the AAATE organizatores beforehand. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

  • All-day booth in the demonstrators area