2015-10-30 HDM and FHG meeting on T202.6 and T203.1

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HDM and FHG meeting on T202.6 and T203.1


Hochschule der Medien (HDM, Nobelstraße 5, D-70569 Stuttgart;



30.10.2015, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.;



Gottfried Zimmermann (HDM), Alexander Henka (HDM), Lukas Smirek (HDM), Daniel Ziegler (FHG), Christian Knecht (USTUTT);



T202.6 Fraunhofer + HDM: Web Components; T203.1-3


Major questions to answer:

  • What is promised in the DoW?
  • What was accomplished so far?
  • What are the next stepping stones?
  • What are the final outputs we want to present?
  • Which outputs will be used for evaluation?

Interpretation of Dow:


  • HDM will work on integration of URC and the Eclipse Smart Home project. This will make the concepts of URC and GPII known to the well-established Eclipse community.
  • HDM is working on self-adaptive web components.


  • Improved Socket Builder (HDM)
  • Prototype of Persona-browser was developed (HDM), available at: http://personabrowser.gpii.net/,
  • Overlapping of 203.1 and 203.3, HDM has no budget in 203.3, but is committed to contribute
  • Evaluation of Web Component frameworks (FHG, HDM): Polymer is the best suited. However, it is so powerful, that only some parts of the functionality is needed. So it is also an option to work without any framework;

Future activities:

  • FHG will work on revision/ extension of MYUI modeller. UI *developers will get an improved, clearer view on the final user interface. This will help the ui developers to understand the system better;
  • HDM and FHG will look for mutual benefits of MYUI modeller and persona-browser;
  • HDM will work on a restful integration of URC / Eclipse Smart Home. This interface might later be used by MYUI to connect;
  • T203.1, T203.2 and T203.3 must be seen as interrelated. Reasonable use cases are already in discussion. They must comprise development time and runtime scenarios.

Final output:

  • Implementation of use cases;


  • Qualitative user tests in cooperation with Linz
  • Eventually focus group with HDM students;

Action Items:

  • Lukas and Daniel: Review on SP1 deliverables and analyse their impact on T203;
  • Daniel: editing of SP2 Overview Doc
  • Lukas: Inform other partners in 203, that Use Cases are used and evaluated for 203.1, 203.2 and 203.3. Lightweight integration of components;