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(User Studies, Surveys and Experiments towards GPII/Cloud4all: other useful links, e.g. OpenITP's article about gathering user feedback)
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''Incorporate here table with activities developed during the project''
''Incorporate here table with activities developed during the project''
==Other Useful Links==
* OpenITP: [https://openitp.org/design-review/gathering-user-feedback-what-our-community-is-and-isn-t-doing.html Gathering user feedback: What our community is and isn't doing], 12 May 2014.

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This page will summarize all activities that relate to consumer involvement.  

  • For activities that fall under other projects - a link to the activity would be provided here. 
  • For activities not in other places the links here will lead to pages that are children of this page.

Prospective users and consumers will be involved at several stages during the project lifespan. There will be three User Forum where all stakeholders interested in the Cloud4all project will have their chance to have their say in a public gathering. Also there will be three iterative pilot testing sites where participants in the testing sessions will provide important information and validation of CLoud4all concept as well as developed prototypes.

A document presenting the UCD methodology has been prepared. This document (D401.1) will guide the necessary user involvement procedures during the duration of the whole project.


  1. A502.2 Pan-european workshop
    • The Pan European Workshop and User Forum was the first chance for consumers, industry and users of CLOUD4All/GPII of all types to provide input to the project early stages.

User Studies, Surveys and Experiments towards GPII/Cloud4all

  1. Design Outline - Recommendations and Assesment of Accessibility Setting
    • This work describes a possible design outline for recommendations and assesment of accessibility settings. An user experiement has been conducted to evaluate early conecpts and ideas towards recommending accessibility settings.

Incorporate here table with activities developed during the project

Other Useful Links