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CultureAll was a Canadian network project lead by IDRC (formerly ATRC) developing approaches, tools and strategies to integrate inclusive design as component of Web 2.0 tecnologies. The overall goal was to ensure everyones particpation in the Canadian cultural exchange by weboffers [1]. Many projects created different tools improving access to culture life. In the first round of CultureAll many free accessible web tools, inclusive production tools for artists and techniques for inclusive cultural events have been developed [2]. The project TransformAble is from special relevance for the topic personalization of user interfaces and thereby for cloud4All. Within TransformAble technologies successfully developed through TILE have been advanced. TransformAble is a set of web services that modify a site's user interface and content resources in order to accommodate the individual needs and preferences of each user. It can be used by any suitable web application. 3 open source java-based services have been provided by the project:

  • PreferAble:

Web interface enabling users to edit and store the following preferences: scree enhancement, colour schemes, prefered language, controle preference, alternatives to multimedia

  • StyleAble: performs a range of display and structural transformations on any well-formed Web page. These transformations can be categorized into two types: 1) generation of custom style sheets, and 2) document transformations.
    • StyleAble's CSS generator can create customized style sheets based on a user's stated preferences, allowing them to control the overall appearance of the site, including the font size, face, foreground colour, background colour, and link appearance.
    • Document transformations provide augmented views of a document which help users to navigate and understand the content more easily. This includes the on-the-fly creation of a table of contents or a list of links
    • Doesn`t require metadata or content reposirtory. Uses the structure of well-formed HTML documents to perform these transformation
  • SenseAble: works alongside content repositories which contain multimedia resources and associated metadata in the AccessForAll format. This metadata helps to describe the characteristics and accessibility of a particular resource, including the potential alternatives which may be available for it. For example, if a user is viewing a video resource and is deaf, hard of hearing, or is working in a noisy environment, SenseAble can match this need with any associated captions or sign language resources which may be available for the video. SenseAble's matching engine determines the availability and appropriateness of content alternatives, ranking them based on user preferences. The content aggregator in SenseAble can work with audio, video, textual and SMIL content to build alternative versions of the resource that are more accessible to the individual user.



Useful information and sources for Cloud4All

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