SmartHouses Meeting 2012-08-08

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This page is about the smart house activity in the Cloud4all project (November 2011 – October 2015) and is now outdated.


  • Boyan, Todor (Astea)
  • Christophe (HdM)
  • Gregg (RtF-I)
  • Silvia (UPM)
  • Taxiarchis (CERTH)


  • Discussion of last week’s decisions
  • Registry and adaptations
  • Next meeting

Last week’s decisions

  • The Smart House Matrix is updated, but feel free to fill in cells
  • Registry and adaptations
  • Create a user profile for each of the personas there
  • We should use the current user profile format (example user profiles can be found in the Git repo:
  • We are distributing the user profiles to be created by partners:
    • Astea: Paulina Reyes, Maurice Nalobaka
    • CERTH: Edward Hodgins, Peter Vandezande
    • HdM: Nitesh Sarin
    • UPM: Mikel Vargas (check the Mikel Vargas profile on GitHub to see if it is sufficient)

Next meeting

  • Due to overlapping summer breaks, our next meeting is scheduled in the beginning of September
  • Astea has scheduled vacations in a way that there is always a person working on SmartHouses available for questions and discussions
  • Our next meeting will be on September, 12th at the same time (15:00 CEST)

Previous Meetings