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This page is out of date! Consult Cloud4all deliverable D204.1 instead.

The SNAPI (Special Needs Application Program Interface) project aimed to promote standardisation of coding on smart media for personalisation of self-service terminals as ticket machines, information terminals, cash dispensers and computer terminals in place (libraries, schools and university). The SNAPI project is using the EN 1332-4 standard to allow users to set up their own preferences.

Software to reconfigure Microsoft Office has been developed in the project. Thereby, all accessibility options associated with Windows XP can be coded on the Card. The System returns to its default settings as soon as the card is removed from the reader. However, less information were published concerning the detailed personalization process.


  • unknown?
  • Steering: Dr John Gill, Lord Merlin Erroll, Mick Davies, Geoff Doggett

Useful information and sources for Cloud4All

  • Storing preferences on the card
  • Developed tool for reconfiguing MS Office. (No detailed information could be found!)


  1. SNAPI - project website