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# [[Ontologies]]  - All CLOUD4All/GPII work on ontologies and ontological tools
# [[Ontologies]]  - All CLOUD4All/GPII work on ontologies and ontological tools
# [[Matchmaking]] -  all REAL-TIME Matchmaking work  (See [[Shopping Aid]] for "pre-sale" matchmaking)
# [[Matchmaking]] -  all REAL-TIME Matchmaking work  (See [[Shopping Aid]] for "pre-sale" matchmaking)
*  SEE ALSO the new proposed [[Registry Tools]]

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The Profiles Working Group

The PROFILES working groups are focused on

  1. developing the standards' for user needs & preferences
    • Contributing to the ISO/IEC 24751 and AccessForAll standards
    • Defining the standard format for the GPII REGISTRY of User Needs and Preferences
    • (the architecture working group is responsible for setting up that actual REGISTRY)
  2. developing/maintaining the Common descriptors / items in the User Needs and Preferences REGISTRY
    • for both interfaces and for materials/resources
  3. Developing Ontologies to make it easier to understand and work with the User Needs and Preferences.


The PROFILES group uses a mail lists, weekly meetings, and wikis to carry out most of its work.

NOTE: Participation in the working group is open to all subject to the standard WORKING GROUP PARTICIPATION CRITERIA. These criteria are easy to meet and designed only to ensure that our work remains open and free and that all feel welcome to participate.


KEY Architecture Wiki Working Pages

The work in this group is currently broken up into three sub groups

  1. User Preferences - Standards, Registry and all gathered data on User Needs and Preferences (interfaces and materials)
  2. Ontologies - All CLOUD4All/GPII work on ontologies and ontological tools
  3. Matchmaking - all REAL-TIME Matchmaking work (See Shopping Aid for "pre-sale" matchmaking)



Currently Active Members in the Profiles Working Group

(this list is quite incomplete - please add you name if you are active )

  • Subgroup codes
    • U = User Preferences
    • O = Ontologies
    • M = Matchmaking

  • Andrés Iglesias Pérez
  • Andy Heath
  • Colin Clark
  • Denis Anson
  • Erlend Overby
  • Gerhard Weber
  • Gianna Tsakou
  • Gottfried Zimmermann [UOM]
  • Gregg Vanderheiden [UO]
  • Jor
  • Juan M. Fernández
  • Jutta Croll
  • Jutta Treviranus
  • Kasper Galschiot Markus [UOM]
  • Kostas Votis
  • Liddy Nevile
  • Maria Gemou
  • Nick Allott
  • Peter, Ulrike
  • Richard Schwerdtfeger
  • Steve Lee
  • Sverker Abrahamsson
  • Trifon Trifonov
  • Vassilis Koutkias

People who have Contributed to the Profiles work