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The following questions are listed here to ensure the larger community is aware of them. We will need to address each one at some point in our design and development work. GLOSSARY_WORKSPACE for definitions of the preferences and settings user activity spaces.

  • What tools imports device settings, loads existing sets, and saves changes?
    • Can a user switch between set in #3, or is that available only in #4/5
  • Which tools are entry points? Are any of the tools dependent on others?
  • Tool 4 interface looks different (simpler) if user not logged in? e.g. museum kiosk (allows save)
  • Presets, Preferences, Settings, Adjusters - what's available in each tool?
  • Need to discuss interactions for preview and when/where it happens
    • Live-preview for local set changes? --> live preview for #4/5 if setting changes are related to the currently applied N&P set
    • Small preview of functionality for preferences to ensure the user understands what they do --> small preview for #5, if setting changes are related to a N&P set not applied to the currently used device
    • Mock-preview for set changes on other devices/times/locations? Aug 1, 2013 notes.
  • Are tools 4&5 chromeless browsers? How will they be developed?
  • Do the tools exist as different skins? Or are the the tools context responsive/adaptive?
  • stickiness
  • local versus cloud
  • What are matchmaker recommendations and how are they presented in #4/5?

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