OATTS (Open Access Tool Tray System)

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  • What: this is a tray and tools that are used to make telecollab and other online (or phone) work more accessible
    • Examples
      • caption tools  
        • Caption tool (scheduled and on demand) that display in a resizable,  positionable, always stay on top, window.
        • CCCC (Controlable Crowd Caption Correction) Tool  (see below)
        • low cost caption tool  (allows use of speech recognition and rapid correction to create captions)
      • sign language on demand tool  (similar to caption tool)
      • hand raising tool - to ensure that people using captions (which are by nature delayed) or who are slower have the opportunity to participate on level playing field.  Also facilitates participation by less gregarious participants - and those who want to quickly contribute but not speak. 
  • Technology
    • Implemented in JavaScript and PHP and MySQL.  It runs as a ChromeApp (or a Chrome Extension).  
    • Compatible with  Windows, Linux, Mac.  
  • ToDo:  
    • Mount system on GPII server
      • This will then become an infrastructure service of GPII under Prosperity4All
      • It will also server as a model for other similar tools -- as well as a model for GPII compatibility for this type of tool
    • Put all preferences into GPII compatible form
    • Incorporate some of the GPII  UI Access features into OATTS tools