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= References =  
= References =  
# MyDocStore project website [http://www.mydocstore.org.uk/]
# [http://www.mydocstore.org.uk/ MyDocStore project website]
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The project is trying to encounter the problem of creating and transferring accessible files between platforms. "MyDocStore aims to make it quick and easy to transfer files between devices whilst simultaneously converting them into the user's preferred format - whether text, audio or a combination of both [1]." The Development provides a Cloud-based service that improves accessibility of mobility by combining AT tools with file synching. The proof of concept phase ended in October 2011. Automatic conversion of documents to a pre-determined formed as well as the document access from different platforms has been demonstrated in this phase. The conversions focus on the preferred ePub format of disabled people. The following conversions are provided at the moment: from Word to ePub and MP3; from PDF, ePub, .rtf, .odt to ePub and MP3. The following figure shows the concept:



Funded by SBRI; led by iansyst

Useful information and sources for Cloud4All

  • using the cloud to improve accessibility


  1. MyDocStore project website