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*[http://http://wiki.gpii.net/ GPII Implementation]
*GPII Implementation
**Architecture Overview|-- Architecture Overview
**Architecture Overview|-- Architecture Overview
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**User Involvement in Research and Dev|in Research and Dev
**User Involvement in Research and Dev|in Research and Dev
**User Involvement in Testing|in Testing
**User Involvement in Testing|in Testing
*Developer Space
*Developers Space
**Developer Space/Components|Components
**Developer Space Components|Components
**Developer Space/Resources|Resources
**Developer Space Resources|Resources
**Developer Space/Standards|Standards

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  • GPII Implementation
    • Architecture|Architecture
    • Architecture Overview|-- Architecture Overview
    • Architecture APIs|-- APIs
    • Profiles|Profiles
    • User Preferences UX|--- Preference Editors Design
    • User Preferences|--- User Preferences
    • Materials and Solutions|--- Materials & Solutions
    • Matchmaking|--- Matchmaking
    • Vendors and Implementers|Vendors/Implementers
    • Implementations|--- Implementations
    • Implementation APIs|--- APIs
    • Unified Listing and MarketPlace|Unified Listing and MarketPlace
    • Testing|Testing
    • Cloud4All Testing|--- Cloud4All Testing
    • Demonstration System|--- Demonstration System
  • User Involvement
    • User Involvement in Research and Dev|in Research and Dev
    • User Involvement in Testing|in Testing
  • Developers Space
    • Developer Space Components|Components
    • Developer Space Resources|Resources
    • Configuration|Configuration
  • Communication
    • Contact Information|Contact Information
    • Mailing Lists|Mailing Lists
  • Other
    • Dissemination plan and activities (WP502)|Dissemination plan and activities
    • Network of external collaborators and concertation actions|Network of external collaborators and concertation actions
  • Special Pages
    • Special:AllPages|Site Map
    • mainpage|Home Page
    • portal-url|portal
    • currentevents-url|currentevents
    • recentchanges-url|recentchanges
    • helppage|help