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- '''Simple phones''' (Java ME based): [[Media:SimplePhones_Interaction_Variables-Needs_Template_v1.xlsx]]
- '''Simple phones''' (Java ME based): [[Media:SimplePhones_Interaction_Variables-Needs_Template_v1.xlsx]]
- '''Windows phones''': [[Media:Windows_Phone_Interaction_Variables.xlsx]]
- '''Android''': [[Media:ANDROID_Interaction_Variables_v1.xlsx]]
- '''Windows phone''': [[Media:Windows_Phone_Interaction_Variables_v2.xlsx]]
- '''Digital TV''': [[Media:DTV_Settings.xls‎]]
- '''Digital TV''': [[Media:DTV_Settings.xls‎]]

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This page concentrates raw material concerning configuration parameters/settings that will be used as the basis for defining user profiles based on needs and preferences.

The material is gathered through the activities of the Cloud4All project (http://cloud4all.info/) and concerns various platforms, operating systems and applications.

A consolidation phase is currently under process, aiming to harmonize the received input into a common schema, by applying naming conventions, labelling, and taking into account relevant standards in the domain.

Among others, this material constitutes the basis for defining a user profile ontology that shall offer the necessary expressiveness to: (a) represent user profiles, and (b) support the development of mechanisms for semantic matchmaking.

Configuration settings/parameters for Platforms:

- GNOME Desktop: Media:GNOME_Desktop_-_General_Settings_v1.xls

- Simple phones (Java ME based): Media:SimplePhones_Interaction_Variables-Needs_Template_v1.xlsx

- Android: Media:ANDROID_Interaction_Variables_v1.xlsx

- Windows phone: Media:Windows_Phone_Interaction_Variables_v2.xlsx

- Digital TV: Media:DTV_Settings.xls‎

Configuration settings/parameters for Applications:

- Microsoft Surface: Media:MS_Surface_Interaction_Variables-Needs_Template_v1.xlsx

- Easy1 Communicator: Media:Easy1_Communicator_v1.xlsx

- Serotek SAToGo: Media:Serotek_SAToGo_v1.xlsx

- WebAnywhere: Media:WebAnywhere_v1.xlsx

- Social Network App: Media:Social_App_Interaction_Variables-Needs_Template_v1.xlsx

- eKiosk: Media:EKiosk_Settings_v1.docx‎

- Maavis: Media:Maavis_Settings_v1.docx‎

- ReadWriteGold TextHelp: Media:TextHelp_RW10Settings.xlsx‎

- Smart House: Media:SmartHouse_InteractionVariables-Needs_v1.xlsx‎

- MobileAccess CF: Media:MobileAccess_CF_-_Interaction Variables-Needs_Template_v1.xlsx‎

Remark: Please, note that the material hosted in this page is subject to frequent updates.