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This is work in progress.


  • WP204: No need for ASTEA to get involved here. So the 1PM estimated for ASTEA in WP204 can be taken away.
  • WP205.1: We need ASTEA to design and implement the floating control panel (in the total amount of 10PM):
    • Architectural concept of floating control panel and how it integrates with matchmaker and other components of GPII (1 PM)
    • Floating control panel implementation for multiple platforms:
      • Web applications (will be done by HDM)
      • Smarthome (same as Web application)
      • Win7 (2 PM)
      • Linux (2 PM)
      • Android (2 PM)
      • Information kiosks (maybe as a remote implementation on the user's mobile device) (3 PM)
      • Digital TV (no need here)
    • Note: The flow manager needs to adapt itself to the user preferences, different user groups
  • WP205.2: Here we had 4 PMs for ASTEA, but these resources are need in WP205.1 instead.

The floating panel is the key component between Cloud4All and the user, the "Cloud4All portal". It is important to develop this component iteratively, with user testing as part of the overall development approach.