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**... then see <span style="font-size:small;"><u>'''[[About RTFC, RtF-I, CLOUD4All, and GPII]]'''</u></span>
**... then see <span style="font-size:small;"><u>'''[[About RTFC, RtF-I, CLOUD4All, and GPII]]'''</u></span>
**If you want to follow what we are doing - then dive in below.
**If you want to follow what we are doing - then dive in below.
*Change your viewing preferences<u>[[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-rendering|here]]</u> or use this<u>[http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php?title=Main_Page&useskin=chick link for a minimal style]</u>
*Change your viewing preferences <u>[[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-rendering|here]]</u> or use this <u>[http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php?title=Main_Page&useskin=chick link for a minimal style]</u>.
== Community Forums ==
== Community Forums ==

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Welcome to the GPII WIKI (Where all the work gets done)

This is the working space for the GPII working groups.

Community Forums


To help keep track of decisions we have created a special pages for logging decisions that have effect across GPII.

  • The GLOSSARY page is where terminology decisions will be logged
  • The DECISIONS LOG page contains a reverse chronological listing decisions along with links back to the working pages where they are described more fully.    

GPII Overview

The work of GPII is divided into the following major areas

  • Each has its own working groups, mail list, and work areas
  • Links to the home pages for each working group are provided below
    • All of the information about the group, its meetings, lists, and links to all work areas for the group can be found from there
  • The WP references are to WorkPackages in the CLOUD4All Project that is currently exploring and building many of the core components of the GPII (as can be seen below)
    • Others are welcome to join in and collaborate on these efforts however.  Just link into the work here and using the mail lists at   lists.gpii.net. 

  1. Architecture 
    • How this work is organized; meeting times; contributors; etc.  (WP105)
    • Overview of the CLOUD4All/GPII architecture flow and components
    • Details on inter-module communication interfaces
    • Security and Privacy from infrastructure implementation standpoint.  (see Policies below for discussion from policy standpoint) 
  2. Preferences
    • User Preferences including Standards, the Common Terms Registry and all gathered data on User Needs and Preferences (interfaces and materials)  (WP101, WP102, WP103,WP201,WP202,
    • Ontologies and ontological tools   (WP101,WP201)
    • Matchmaking (all REAL-TIME Matchmaking work, See Shopping Aid under Unified Listing and MarketPlace for "pre-sale" matchmaking)  (WP204, WP205))
  3. Discovery Aids
    • Tools to help users (working with professionals if needed and available) discover what will help them and record their Needs and Preferences
  4. Vendors and Implementers   
    • Information on all of the current implementations (products, systems, etc)      (SP3 all WPs)   (WP504)
    • APIs and assistance to vendors and implementors in making their products CLOUD4All/GPII compatible   (WP105, and all SP3)
  5. Unified Listing and MarketPlace 
    • Unified Listing - work on creating the Federated Listing of all Open and Closed source, Commercial and Free, Add-on and built-in access features.  (WP203)
    • GPII Marketplace - work to create a Marketplace for "purchasing" commercial and free Access solutions 
    • Shopping Aid - development of "Pre-sale" matching aid to help users find thing in Unified Listing (and marketplace) based on NP Profiles (See also REAL-TIME Matchmaking)
  6. Developers Space
    • Working on gathering components and Frames for use by developers
    • Working on the Service Infrastructures for developers and providers
    • Work on gathering Document and human resources to support new developers
  7. Testing
    • Rules and policies governing testing within RtF/CLOUD4All/GPII   (WP401)  (Also See Ethics Below)
    • Testing within CLOUD4All    (WP402, WP403)
    • Other testing activities
  8. Demonstrations
    • Plans for Demonstration systems and events    
    • Work on creation of an on-line demonstration system    (WP404)
    • Work on creating live demonstrations of GPII    (WP502)
  9. Policies of GPII
    • The IPR policies and procedures governing this work including templates for use in our code
    • Ethics Policies  (WP104, WP501/A501.3)   (Ethics gateway is in Architecture)
    • Security and Privacy Policies (see also architecture for security implementations)
  10. Use Cases and Implementations

User Involvement

  1. User Involvement in Research and Dev of GPII
  2. User Involvement in Testing of GPII