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Below are the implementations of Cloud4all/GPII that are done, underway, planned and suggested

Current Cloud4all related implementations 

These are implementations where functioning prototypes have been created as part of Cloud4all  in some stage (as noted)

  1. Windows 7 - built in features  (Font size, navigator  )  [NFC, USB @ WSIS]     
  2. Linux/Gnome  - built in features  ( Font size, on screen keyboard )  USB @ WSIS]     
  3. Linux/Gnome AT -      [USB @ WSIS]     
  4. Read/Write Gold -  some features  (  )      [NFC, USB @ WSIS]     
  5. Mobile Accessibility - Android phone      [NFC,  WSIS-PARTIAL]    
  6. WebApp - UI Options on WebApps     [USB @ WSIS]     
  7. WebApp - Easy1 Communicator       [NFC, USB @ WSIS]     
  8. WebAnywhere (Cloud-based AT)    [NFC, USB @ WSIS]     

Committed Implementations (See legend at bottom for the meaning of the [notes] )

Implementation that were proposed as part of Cloud4all Grant  but have not yet reached demonstrable implementations

  1. Windows - additional features  (   )
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Firefox
  4. Smartphone - Android - Built in features
  5. Simple Java Feature Phone - built in features
  6. Application on Microsoft Surface platform
  7. Kiosk
  8. Smart House Online Simulation
  9. DTV
  10. Sample Social Networking App
  11. SAToGo   (On Demand based AT)
  12. SuperNova (Set of installed AT)
  13. Allan eC (telecom app)
  14. Maavis  (installed AT - cognitive

New - Additional Implementations (not in original Cloud4all grant) 

These are New implementation that were NOT proposed as part of Cloud4all Grant but have signed on since.

  1. WebApp - EasyFarmer Prototype Launch     [NFC, USB @ WSIS]     

Potential (suggested or exploring)

These are companies or products that have been suggested or are being explored as implementations 

  1. RIM Blackberry
  2. Windows 8
  3. Ghoti
  4. Ginger
  6. Speech Mashup     Mashup Login (Ref Amanda Stent <>
  7. F123 System ( screen reading magnification, basic OCR capabilities via direct PC installations as well as USB-based installations. both a low cost and a free version ref "Fernando H. F. Botelho" <>
  8. Drupal Sites - REF Cliff Tyllick <>
  9. RoboBraille


  • [NFC]  activated by NFC ring, and card
  • [USB]  activated by USB (flash memory)
  • [WSIS]  demonstrated at World Summit of the Information Society meeting at the UN, in Geneva in May (14-18). 
  • [Partial]  demonstrated but not using full Cloud4all/GPII architecture
  • [FULL]  using the full current Cloud4all/GPII architecture