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(Committed Implementations (See legend at bottom for the meaning of the [notes]): GNOME Autostart was orphaned)
(Committed Implementations (See legend at bottom for the meaning of the [notes]): kiosk = ticket vending machine)
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**[http://pinpoint.microsoft.com/el-cy/applications/sociable-cognitive-training-12884937263 Sociable Cognitive Training] (for Microsoft Pixelsense)  
**[http://pinpoint.microsoft.com/el-cy/applications/sociable-cognitive-training-12884937263 Sociable Cognitive Training] (for Microsoft Pixelsense)  
**Kiosk (ticket vending machine)
**[[Smart House Online Simulation]]
**[[Smart House Online Simulation]]

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Below are the implementations of Cloud4all/GPII that are done, underway, planned and suggested

Current Cloud4all-related implementations

These are implementations where functioning prototypes have been created as part of Cloud4all in some stage (as noted).

  1. Windows 7 - built-in features (Magnifier, on-screen keyboard, Contrast Settings)  [NFC, USB @ WSIS].
  2. Linux/GNOME - built in features (Font size, on-screen keyboard (Caribou), magnifier, partial Orca, contrast settings) USB @ WSIS] .
  3. Linux/GNOME AT - [USB @ WSIS].
  4. Read/Write Gold - some features (e.g. icon size, speech on/off, icon theme) [NFC, USB @ WSIS].
  5. Mobile Accessibility for Android - Android phone + browser launch [NFC, WSIS-PARTIAL].
  6. WebApp - UI Options on WebApps [NFC, USB @ WSIS].
  7. WebApp - Easy1 Communicator [NFC, USB @ WSIS].
  8. WebAnywhere (Cloud-based AT) [NFC, USB @ WSIS].

Committed Implementations (See legend at bottom for the meaning of the [notes])

Implementation that were proposed as part of Cloud4all grant but have not yet reached demonstrable implementations

New - Additional Implementations (not in original Cloud4all grant) 

These are New implementation that were NOT proposed as part of Cloud4all Grant but have signed on since.

  1. WebApp - EasyFarmer Prototype Launch  [NFC, USB @ WSIS].
  2. NVDA.

Potential (suggested or exploring)

These are companies or products that have been suggested or are being explored as implementations 

  1. RIM Blackberry
  2. Windows 8
  3. Ghoti
  4. Ginger
  6. Speech Mashup  http://www.research.att.com/projects/SpeechMashup/     Mashup Login (Ref Amanda Stent <stent@research.att.com>
  7. F123 System (http://F123.org/en) screen reading magnification, basic OCR capabilities via direct PC installations as well as USB-based installations. both a low cost and a free version ref "Fernando H. F. Botelho" <fernando.botelho@f123.org>
  8. Drupal Sites - REF Cliff Tyllick <cliff.tyllick@yahoo.com>
  9. RoboBraille


  • [NFC]  activated by NFC ring, and card
  • [USB]  activated by USB (flash memory)
  • [WSIS]  demonstrated at World Summit of the Information Society meeting at the UN, in Geneva in May (14-18). 
  • [Partial]  demonstrated but not using full Cloud4all/GPII architecture
  • [FULL]  using the full current Cloud4all/GPII architecture  

Volunteer Implementations

The following are companies and groups are working on creating independent implementations of GPII in collaboration with GPII the Cloud4all/GPII team