Economic and Ecosystem Models

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This section contains all of the work by different projects on models of the overall ICT Accessibility Ecosystem and any role or impact that GPII may play in its evolution.

By "ICT Accessibility Ecosystem" we are referring to all players and systems that relate to the accessibility of information and communication technologies - including:

  • consumers, families, friends etc.
  • developers of both assistive technology and mainstream products.
  • disability and health professionals and services etc.
  • educational entiteis of all types and for all ages
  • employers,
  • public services,
  • funding agencies
  • etc.

The objective of this work is to better understand:

  • how the overall ICT Accessibility Ecosystem works
  • how the different components of it work together
  • any gaps or areas where GPII might help
  • what the GPII or its components should look or function in order to best work with the overall ecosystem parts/players
  • how the ecosystem might evolve in the future and any impact on how the GPII should be designed or implemented. 

Organization of Economic and Ecosystem Models section