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A property-value pair may have a priority attached?

Status: Open


In case of a conflict, the property-value pair with the higher priority wins. If there are multiple values with the same priority, they apply jointly (the meaning of joint application is dependent on the property name).

The range of priorities should be 1 to 100 with 100 being the default.


Preference-Key Preference-Value Preference-Condition Preference-Priority
http://gpii.org/ns/up/fontsize extra-large value("http://gpii.org/ns/location") == "home" 100
http://gpii.org/ns/up/fontsize large value("http://gpii.org/ns/time/local-time") >= 17:00 60
http://gpii.org/ns/up/fontsize normal (true) 10

2012-05-29 HDM

We propose to not have a priority field since it does not prevent conflicts (if the priority values are equal). Rather we should make the order of preferences significant within a profile, with the first preference value winning over all conflicting preference values that follow.

But it could be useful to store the history of changes for each property in a user profile. A matchmaker may weigh the most recent modifications higher than old values.

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