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Prototypes of Developer Spaces

Most important part is the forum.

First thread post (editable) normally discribes a software contribution.

You can thank people and donate to ppl doing developer work

Similar old school forum with a lot of resources for the area.

developer zone with lots of subtopics

The good old open directory project

Other Code hostingh

once most popular open source forge featuring wikis, forums, etc.. Lightweight catorization

Was criticized latedly for injecting installers. Originally run by geeknet (slashdot).

Mostly code hosting only with mostly issue tracking and wikis added

Mostly code hosting only with mostly issue tracking and wikis added, but has evolved to social network

Code hosting for everybody (not only projects) . Rather a network of individual projects. No real frontpage or defined structure

Wiki based ressources from TI

Classical Faceted Search approach for Hardware components

Semantic Media Wiki Site of the FSF that enables semantic search

Examples for Search User Interfaces for Component Repository

Intelligent selector per parameter

By categories/classifications and different modalities