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Open component repository

= Executive Summary

This document contains information about the GPII Developer Space Component Repository, which is online as part of the GPII Developer Space at The repository is constantly extended and allows structured search in a compehensive list of building blocks for Assistive Technology development and implementation.

The repository is as inclusive as possible, addressing different needs and solutions by a diverse set of software and hardware. The components listed on this page fulfil some minimal requirements for documentation and categorisation, that we define in this document. If you want to add a component to the list please go to, drop a mail on or post to our twitter account at

The goal of this public deliverable of the Prosperity4All Project is to provide particularly technical documentation about the background of the site and the curation process, which aims to be transparent, sustainable and scalable. The document is the last one in a range of documents (D202.1 and D202.2) where we have described, how we created and designed this repository and looked at technical convergence of components through standards and APIs. If you want more detailed information about the underlying architecture of the whole Developer Space refer to D201.5 as this document documents particularly the component listing. Additionally you should visit and browse the actual main deliverable of the project, which is online at

Background and Related Efforts

Related Efforts

Interface for Searching, Browsing and Bookmarking Components

Roles on the Website




Adding Components

Editing and Catogorizing Components

Curating and Publishing Components