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For each solution to be integrated the following steps will be performed by the Tiger Team

  1. Identify key contact person(s) and contact them.
    1. Permissions - ownership - mgmt etc
    2. Technical (launch - settings access - meaning of settings)
  2. Redesign the way a product handles settings (optional)
    1. Saves preferences to better match the GPII
    2. Uses settings -- to allow live use of externally changed settings
  3. Create a translation/un-packing tool (as required)
    1. to convert binary and other compressed settings files into GPII inferrable/adjustable/transformable form.
  4. Register and align the preferences/settings in the product with the Preference Terms Definitions Registry
    1. mfgr might do -- but we should offer since MUCH MUCH easier for us to do because we know what is in Registry and what they are called
    2. mfgr should participate because they know what their term mean
    3. ​Getting all the rest of their settings onboarded
      • get a llists of their settings
      • find their counterpart in the Preference Terms Dictionary
        • if found  (with SAME definitions and SAME valuespace)
          • register them as an alias -- an note the commonFormat term
        • if not found (AND it is a term that might be used by others)
          • Create a commonFormat term
          • register their term as an alias
        • If NOT found and very low or no possible use to other apps as one of their settings (with same definition and value space
          • Then just enter as a new term using their format  
          • <FOR NOW just mark it on their list and don't enter it yet> 
  5. Launch and Setting handlers
    1. Create/adapt/select
    2. Can we do “live” settings change for context etc?
  6. Document
    1. Solution specific notes
    2. Generic documentation for others