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* Dissemination and outreach via our [[Volunteer's_Emporium#How_can_I_find_out_more.3F|main channels]]
* Dissemination and outreach via our [[Volunteer's_Emporium#How_can_I_find_out_more.3F|main channels]]
* Documentation - this wiki '''always''' needs updating and some "wiki gardening"
* Documentation - this wiki '''always''' needs updating and some "wiki gardening"
** Collate information in Project Deliverables
** Help organise and fill out the [http://wiki.gpii.net/w/Category:Developer_Space DeveloperSpace]
** Migrate information in public Project Deliverables to the wiki
* User and developer collaboration
* User and developer collaboration
* Economic - biz models, sustainability
* Economic - biz models, sustainability

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This page is designed to help you identify areas to work on according to your personal skills and interests. If you need more information on volunteering on the GPII see the Volunteer's Emporium.

Review channels and materials for accessibility

Many of our dissemination channels and materials would benefit a thorough accessibility review (eg websites, newsletters, posts, videos). We'd love to have a pool of volunteers we can call on when new items need checking before publication. Let us know if you are interested.

Try out the GPII

Possibly the very first thing to do is to try out the GPII. Simply install it, play with it, talking to us about your experience and/or raising issues if you find problems

The GPII core infrastructure currently runs on Linux (Fedora), Windows and Android. Our 'builds' are most suitable for demonstrations or allow developers to explore the GPII and contribute to our work. See Installing the GPII or Setting Up Your Development Environment for installation on Linux and Windows. The Cloud4All developers blog also has detailed installation instructions.

Get a solution working with the GPII

If you are a developer then one activity that will help you learn a lot about the GPII is to get a new solution working with the GPII. This might be a program you have developed or one you know about. There are examples on the wiki and the Imp Tiger Team are working on this.

Key skills you will need for this include some basic Javascript and node.js along with some familiarity with git and GitHub. Some areas use C (Windows) and Java (Android). But don't worry we can help you if you get stuck or need pointers.

How you can help

We'd love your support in any form but here are some ideas:

  • User activities
  • Coding
  • Designing
  • Testing and reviewing
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Helping
  • Translating
  • Activism and outreach
  • Anything else

Where You can Help

These links should help you find areas you might be interested in


Related activities

W3C cognitive and Learning Difficulties accessibility task force

Other information

We've a Glossary if you get stuck on a term.