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General Description

Below is an overview of the GPII mailing lists. These are public and free for anyone to join. They are topic oriented lists and should be used for day to day communication, discussions, announcements and technical jibber jabber.

For confidential information, project management and internal announcements, please use the other means (For the Cloud4All project, use the SP lists).

Ad-hoc lists can be created for heavy discussions to offload a topic list. It should be clear what topic list the ad-hoc list is a sub-topic of. Creation of ad-hoc lists should be reported on main topic list and once the ad-hoc list is done, its conclusions should be reported back to the main topic list. Google groups can be used, or the creation of an list can be requested from Kasper Markus (Raising The Floor) or Colin Clark (IDRC).


Architecture (

Anything related to the general architecture of GPII. This includes security, storage, protocols, APIs, the general architecture framework.

Preferences and Profiles (

Anything related to preferences and profiles. This includes standards work, sample/personal profiles, preferences, matchmaker, meta-data.

Vendors and Implementers (

Relevant anybody who is creating and/or distributing products compatible with GPII/Cloud4All products and services – free and open source, commercial and proprietary. This includes SP3 of the C4A project and work on the Settings and Launch Handlers.

Unified Listing and Marketplace (

Unified Listing and Marketplace. Subjects related to a federation of repositories of solutions and components, unified listing of AT, and the GPII Market Place.

Developer Space (

Developer Space. The Developer Space will be a compilation of parts, tools, frameworks and resources for developers to help and lower cost in development of AT. Everything related to this goes on this list.

Contributors (

If you'd like to contribute to the GPII then talk to us here.

UX (

Anything related to the user experience of GPII, especially tools for users to work with their preferences, and user feedback mechanisms to the matchmakers or the framework in general.